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“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”(Dr. Seuss)

Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

10 Proven Methods To Get More Happiness With Less Stress

1. No Act Rule.
Don’t react so quickly to things, especially negative circumstances. Sometimes we stress ourselves out by acting too fast and regretting it later. The negative email response we send out, the emotional yelling at an argument, etc. Some things are better left to be thought about and some reactions are better to be delayed. Give yourself some cooling off time.

2. Fact Only (No Interpretations)
See things in terms of facts, not your interpretation. Your friend didn’t call you like he promised. Fact: He didn’t call you. Interpretation: He’s forgotten about you. Just react on the facts. Your interpretations may be wrong and they’re just going to give you unneccesary stress.

3. No Emotion.

Try to live life with less or no emotion. Emotions are fleeting and they make our states go UP and DOWN. When it’s up, it’s great! But when it’s down, we feel stressed. Try to flatten your emotion. Everything is just IS.

4. Focus on Solution, not the Problem.

Look for solutions in your challenges. Dwelling on the problem and how bad your life is won’t help. Focusing on solutions unleashes your resources.

5. Know What You Want.
Motivate yourself forward by having clear goals. Visualize them clearly and you will have the drive to go through the challenges necessary to achieve them.

6. Set Some Rules to Achieve Your Goals.

Now that you’ve got a goal, what are the rules you must obey to achieve them? For him, it was a more balanced and healthier life. So Rule #1: No Work on Weekends. Set it, obey it… and your life will change.

7. Change Your Environment.
Find people that will support your rules. Change your environment, friends, work if necessary. The #1 person in your life is YOU.

8. Say YES!!
Yes to opportunities, fun things, new people, and anything that will get you to where you want to go.

9. What Other People Think is Not Important.
You can spend your life trying to be “acceptable” to everyone and it willl never be achieved. Just set your goals and be true to yourself. You are a beautiful creation.

10. Remember the Law of Diminishing Returns.
Something that may work well will also diminish in effectiveness over time. Always learn something new so that you will have new ideas and strategies to sustain the peace and happiness in your life.

Source: Laconia New Hampshire

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